Mergers & Acquisitions

Doing the right deal is complex. Integrating it in the right way is even harder. Capturing the value of the deal, the main reason that the deal was completed in the first place, requires close attention to deliverables, timing, and involves people, culture, process, and technology changes, and most of all, leadership engagement.

Our Merger and Acquisitions practice represents end-to-end solutions covering many aspects of the merger and acquisition continuum.

Growth Strategies and Synergy Identification

Complimentary products and capabilities are key drivers of future M&A activity. We help our clients identify and select targets and maximize their synergies, maximize value by focusing on the customer and not deal features and price.​ We help our clients with economic aspects of the transaction such as synergy identification and deal benefits case.

Due Diligence

We help our clients by conducting independent due diligence of selected aspects of the target. Our processes, tools, and experience include products, operations, technology, and culture assessment. We prepare the combined entity to realize significant and strategic synergies beginning on Day One.

Integration Planning and Management

We help our clients by setting up and running the Integration Management Office based on the foundational strategy of the integration to retain the best of each entity, integration or absorption. We provide processes, templates, collaborative tools, roles, responsibilities, and governance of the integration planning and management function. We help our clients develop and execute their communications strategy.

Synergy Risk Management

We help our clients to identify, quantify, track, capture and report on post-merger synergies to achieve cost reduction and revenue enhancement synergies identified during the deal phase as well as new synergy opportunities.

Cultural Assessment

We help our clients better understand the cultures of the organizations through surveys, workshops, and interviews to make integration faster and more successful.

Merger Integration

We help clients implement their integration strategies through processes, tools, and structure to integrate and align strategic with synergy realization.


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