Case Study: End-to-End User Acceptance Testing


Our customer, a major software developer, was looking to implement a major overhaul of how they went to market with a key product to create greater flexibility, more options, and better customer experiences for their customers from premiere channel to medium and small sized customer base.


With multiple development teams and hundreds of development resources building different ascpects of the software, there was a high level of complexity introduced and our client wanted to ensure that defects didn’t make their way to the released product and impact the user experiences.

What we did

  • We applied agile concepts to testing the end to end user experience
  • Tested over 300 test scenarios, over 1,500 test cases and executed over 10,000 test steps
  • Identified over 800 defects, filed and tracked the defects to resolution, and conducted regression testing
  • Applied DevOps concepts to manage the test plans, daily status reporting, and test plan prioritization


  • Successfully met tight timelines for the release
  • Facilitated the sign-off with clear exit criteria
  • Tracked the post release results to evaluate how well the experiences meet customers’ needs
  • the client was recognized for the excellent testing outcomes

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