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Bita Massoudi, Founder & CEO

Bita founded the firm in 2012 with the objective of applying new scientific learnings about the human brain and neuroscience to the art of business decision making. Bita received her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of British Columbia. Her Post-Doctoral Research was conducted at University of California at Berkley where she conducted advanced research on the functioning of human brain and memory formation. Bita has authored numerous scientific papers on the topics of developmental biology and neuroscience. 

Barry Massoudi, Managing Partner

Barry Massoudi joined Strategic Business Decisions in 2016. As Managing Partner he is responsible for client project delivery and ensuring quality delivery standards are achieved. Barry is an experienced management consultant and trusted adviser, passionate about solving challenging problems, and driving complex fast-paced projects. Barry’s experience includes leading large projects with Fortune 500 companies in a range of industries in High Technology, Telecommunications, Energy, Chemicals, and Distribution. Barry has previously held leadership roles at a number of management consulting firms. Barry is the author of “Do the Right Deal, Do the Deal Right: 35 success factors for mergers and acquisitions” and has published a number of articles on the topics of business performance and leadership. Barry holds a Master’s degree in Engineering from McGill University and an MBA from University of Washington.