M&A | Post-Acquisition Integration Management


Post-Acquisition Integration Management


Our client acquired a competitor and needed to integrate its book of business. They needed help to lead the design and integration planning across all operating entities.


Provided a structured approach with detailed tools and templates for synergy identification, target setting and implementation. Designed and developed an enterprise wide integration timeline to launch integration activities upon deal close. Functional teams developed their functional team charter, implementation activity plans, synergy realization plans with detailed breakdown of cost and revenue synergies, design of future state in comparison to current state. Integration and synergy realization activities were consolidated, tracked, and reported on implementation status to the client executive team. Led organization wide integration change management and communication activities


With singular focus on achieving and exceeding the synergy targets, the team identified additional synergy opportunities that were not part of original synergy targets across multiple functions. Successfully implemented the integration plans, prioritized strategic initiatives, and exceeded the deal synergies.