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Business Strategy & Process Improvement


Our client underwent a large merger in response to internal forces that drove the need for change to remain relevant to their fast growing and globally expanding parent organization. To ensure growth at a steady and more predictable rate with significantly higher margins, the business needed to be positioned to support the entrance into new services and markets. To achieve this goal, a large scale business improvement program was initiated to design and implement the key strategic and process changes.


Developed and identify link between strategic plan and initiatives, developed new strategic planning processes cascading throughout the organization, created conceptual design of business model and structure, developed and executed large scale change plan and program, facilitated the design and implementation plans, co-coordination of the Change Program Office that orchestrated the implementation of 17 strategic initiatives to transform the organization, coached Tier 1 and Tier 2 leadership in transformational leadership and conducted executive workshops.


Increased margins, through the development of new services and markets, leveraged strategies and synergies, built leadership capabilities as well as identified and embedded core organizational and individual competencies, realization of key strategic initiatives such as: Product development, HR strategy and implementation, communications, strategy and implementation, development and expansion of Vertical Markets, and process development of an acquisition strategy.

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