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Who Are You?

What do you aspire to?

What do you do well?

We understand that every firm, like every individual has a unique identify; to move beyond the average and emerge as a leader, a firm must define its core identity and build on its strengths. It must relentlessly expand its horizons and strive to achieve its vision. We work side by side with our clients to design, define, implement and manage their programs at all levels of their organization.

We practice what we preach and do what we do best: deliver outstanding measurable results to our clients faster than they thought possible. We continue to adapt and grow in a changing business environment.

An individual who aspires to moving beyond the norm and seeks to be in a leadership position and is committed to achieving personal mastery and professional growth, focuses on teamwork, collaboration and learning will join us to join in the adventure of making a difference for our clients, our communities and our team members.

At Strategic Business Decisions Consulting, we strive to be the standard of excellence at collaborating, team work, and delivering great results for our clients. Focus on the best that we can do each day is the cornerstone of our firm. The pursuit of quality draws the best minds together to bring their best thinking to the team. Celebration of quality instills in each of us the confidence to create change, knowing that with change there will be new opportunities to greater learning and growth. For our clients, our approach  means that they yield accelerated results and sustain long-term advantage. For our consultants, quality means the satisfaction of knowing that they have delivered their best.

Employee Benefits

Health, Vision and Dental coverage at no cost for employees-only

Paid Time Off

Paid Holidays

401K Plan

Employee Referral Bonus

New Business Referral Bonus

Individual qualities that we Look for in a candidate

You face the new challenges, to deliver with excellence and do the best that you can do. You enjoy working with a team of people consisting of your clients and your colleagues. You want to leave a mark on the project and on the client organization. You aspire to lead, you are committed to distinction through teamwork and continuous learning, you take pleasure in always striving to do still better. 

  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Proactive communication skills
  • Ability to collaborate effectively in a team environment
  • Ability to manage business ambiguity and adjust to changing project priorities
  • Act with a sense of urgency to deliver high quality results
  • Empathizer and builds trust with everyone
  • Curious learner
  • Implementer who’s self-reliant and gets things done
  • Pays attention to details to ensure quality

At Strategic Business Decisions Consulting we are looking for individuals who are passionate about their profession to join our team.


At Strategic Business Decisions Consulting, our consultants undergo multiple rounds of interviews. The steps are summarized below:

Talent Acquisition Profile Reviews: Our talent acquisition team undertakes profile reviews of candidates that would be best for our firm based on review of resumes and LinkedIn profile views.

Management Profile Reviews: Shortlist of candidates are reviewed by SBDC management to assess fit with our current open roles and upcoming projects. Candidates that appear a good fit are invited for a screening interview.

Talent Acquisition Skype Screening Interview: Screening interviews take place over Skype. Candidates that meet our culture, values, and broad outlines of our capability needs make it to the next round.

Situational/Behavioral Interview with Management: Our management conducts first round behavioral interviews. This round may occur over Skype. Candidates that meet the situational/behavioral interview requirements are asked to the next round.

On-site/Case Study Interview: Candidates meet in-person with the our management for a Case interview. Candidates must be prepared to whiteboard their solutions and showcase their ability for critical thinking.

Candidates that satisfactorily pass all these gates, would then be considered for potential Client project openings. Generally, about 1 in 7 candidates that apply get through all talent acquisition stages to be presented to our Clients for project consideration.

Prior to being presented to the Clients, candidates discuss project fit for their capabilities and interest with SBDC management. Candidates will receive a detailed project briefing prior to meeting with the client.

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