Merger & Acquisition Integration Checklist

Development of the Integration Road Map

Document for communicating the new strategies and business objectives based on the deal rationale for This is the key first step towards developing an effective integration plan. The roadmap includes detailed integration workplans and business performance milestones to track integration progress. The roadmap focuses on what are the priorities for the business and avoids turf battles.

Development of the communications plan

Focus of communications plan is to communicate the transition plan details to all stakeholders including customers, suppliers, employees, and investors. Good communications is a key factor in successful mergers.

Development of the Human Resources Plan

Key human resource topics include employee retention and integration of the people of the two organizations based on the acquisition integration model. Upon close the focus should be on defining an optimal org design as well as rationalizing roles, benefits plans, and compensation schemes.

Integration of the IT systems

Integrating two different IT systems including email, SharePoint, system access, firewalls and business critical systems for complex business entities while running the business can be a great challenge. It requires good planning and a phased approach for the transition. The implementation plans should define what to combine, what to abandon, and what to maintain and the desired timing.

Integrating Product Development

The integration plan must ensure that product development teams understand and support the business priorities for new product development and define feedback mechanism to track progress and risks. Pursuit of product synergies include combining use of components and technologies that each company has developed.

Operations Integration Plan

All functional areas, such as accounting, distribution, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, and sales require a detailed plan of how things are going to work in the future and what steps are needed to get there. Create a SharePoint for integration risk and issue identification and mitigation.