How Can We Meet Your Insights Needs Today

Data Visualization

As the volume of data grows and attention spans shrink, visual data storytelling becomes more important. Our brains rapidly scan and make sense of visual data and thus certain reporting models work better than others. We meet your data visualization and reporting needs through Power BI dashboards published in the cloud as well as SRSS reporting. Development of Key Performance Indicators and metrics that are embedded in business processes. We capture and warehouse the data, conduct ad hoc queries SQL, Excel, and Cosmos, discover data insights and visualize the data with Power BI.

Agile User Acceptance Testing

As organizations internalize Dev Ops and agile, Some key areas have not been getting the special attention they desreve. Agile User Acceptance Testing, reporting and stakeholder engagement are key areas for a successful and timely release. Most groups focus on unit testing and E2E lifecycle testing is overlooked until the end. By relying on tools such as Visual Studio Online, Power BI, SharePoint, and Teams we help manage successful User Acceptance Testing to deliver your release on time and with confidence.

PMO & Technical Project Management

As technical project managers, we bridge the gap between Engineering mindset and Business stakeholders. We gather and develop functional requirements, develop epics and scenarios, utilize Visual Studio, set up dashboards and reporting, develop test cases and detailed test steps, develop test suites, conduct E2E User testing activities, file defects and bugs, represent the bugs in Shiproom, and help drive other peripheral but critical functions to support key releases.