Our Values

Bita Massoudi

We define our success by how we are perceived by our clients, our stakeholders, our employees, and the communities in which we live and work.

Our firm is defined by our people.

We share a passion for excellence, delivering results, and applying our best thinking. We thrive on team work, continuous learning, interpersonal skills, and strong communications.

“Certainly, no two individuals are the same.”

Celebrate diversity and inclusion

Respect the differences

Commit to the truth

Help each other succeed

The character of our firm

The character of our firm is defined by how each individual lives the core values: excellence, results, passion, team work, trust, empathy, mastery and fun.


We bring an uncompromising commitment to excellence in everything we do.


Measurable performance improvement and results are the most important attributes of our work. We strive to make significant contribution to the Client’s business and its culture. We help implement and deliver results thus foster trust and enthusiasm.


Passion is a pre-condition to success.


Team work and collaboration is the engine of our firm’s success.


Build trust with everyone, everyday.


We start with empathy and are empathetic at all times.


We accomplish the extraordinary with grace and humility. We bring our experience and focus on learning.


We approach life with a sense of humor.