M&A | Growth Through Acquisition


Growth Through Acquisition


Our client has a successful history of growth through acquiring smaller companies. They wanted to identify profitable categories that have synergies with their current set of offerings and identify the right acquisition targets that would offer synergistic value.


We helped the client evaluate high-level business profiles to prioritize key strategic targets utilizing target selection criteria that we developed with their acquisition team. The target selection criteria included; company size in terms of revenues and number of employees, target market growth rate and cash flow expectations and performance, customer adoption rate, business model scalability, technology fit and scalability, fit with business group products, features and offerings.


Relying on in-depth research in multiple categories, we; Developed an acquisition framework to identify and screen potential acquisition targets, ranked potential acquisition targets based categories of fit and synergy, recommended 15 potential acquisition targets, supported due diligence activities on the acquisition target.

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