Our Commitment to Your Success

“The best consulting solutions are those that people wholeheartedly embrace”

Our commitment to our clients…

  • We find true empathy for our clients, a necessary ingredient for helping them succeed
  • We measure our success with results. Activity without results is a breach of client’s trust.
  • We commit personally to our client’s success. Clients must know how much we care before they are interested in how much we know.
  • We take the long view. We invest in our client relationships for the long term not for the moment.
  • We engage the client’s hearts and minds.
  • We move our innovative ideas to become the client reality.
  • We are an ethical steward of our client’s interests.

“At Strategic Business Decisions we don’t go to a client to preach answers. We discuss the issues and then our job really begins.”

Our commitment to our teammates…

  • Foster a collaborative spirit by understanding that each team member bring unique strengths and has unique needs.
  • Promote the development of one another as a source of your esteem.
  • Celebrate winning and help others find the reason to celebrate.
  • Raise issues and concerns. They don’t go away on their own.
  • Help raise the spirit of others so others raise your spirit.

“Our culture is strongly geared to coaching and feedback.”

Our commitment to ourselves…

  • We drive our work with spirit and enthusiasm.
  • We find joy in our work.
  • We think it through and act on our beliefs. We are being paid for our judgement.
  • We are slow to promise and quick to deliver.
  • We keep humility even when we win.

“We all share a sense of urgency and know that we can deliver effectively with our team members and our clients.”

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