Our client, the product marketing organization within a high technology company, wanted to make better resource decisions by using their internal activity data and web sentiment data.

With a broad number of product and feature launches, it was a challenge for our client to get a handle of what was communicated internally versus what was being communicated externally to partners and the channels in a consumable and timely manner.

What we did
Created a cloud-based analytics platform to enable our customer to gain insights from their data to delight their customers and channel partners. Designed and deployed customer and channel analytics, and analyzed web, social, consumer, and marketing data to unearth key customer insights.

  • Data Analytics/ Visualization as a Service
  • Self-Serve Business Intelligence
  • Sentiment analysis
  • NPV and Return on marketing $
  • Word of Mouth Index


  • Optimized marketing engine
  • Focus on key internal and partner capabilities
  • Enhances leadership decisions making
  • Stronger ownership of the product roadmap
  • Optimized resource utilization
  • Higher quality data and greater engagement from x-functional teams

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