February 20, 2018

Building the Acquisition Muscle

Building the Acquisition Muscle


Our client sought to grow by acquisition. In order to successfully meet this goal, transactions need to be executed and managed in such a way that it becomes a core competency of the enterprise and thus results in a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.


We worked with our client to define and develop a consistent and repeatable set of activities and tools by which due diligence and integration should be performed. This integration approach focused on the critical phases of the merger/acquisition lifecycle and included a number of key activities; Documenting all activities that each function in the organization needed to do throughout the M&A lifecycle, developing an inventory of tools and templates to support key functions specifically technology integration activities and creating a framework to articulate specific acquisition scenarios (technology, channel, product, and geography)


Developed an M&A playbook for our client that built the foundation for a repeatable process that clearly positioned each potential acquisition within the broader context of the overall business strategy and integration framework.

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