Who We Are

Strategic Business Decisions was formed in 2011 with the objective to apply new scientific learnings about the human brain and neuroscience to the art of business decision making. Through bridging neuroscience with business decisions making and value-based heuristics, the firm’s goal has been to help high-performing organizations exceed their aspirations. Today, we continue to bring business insights to high performing organizations to help them accomplish more, at a faster rate, and make better business decisions.

We define our success by how we are perceived by our clients, our stakeholders, and the communities in which we live and work. Our clients have described us in many engagements as trusted advisers that help them win with their projects and their careers.

Our aim remains the same in every client engagement: Exceed the client’s expectations and build a legacy.

Our firm is defined by our people. We share a passion for excellence, delivering results, and applying our best thinking. We thrive on team work, continuous learning, interpersonal skills, and strong communications.

Certainly, no two individuals are the same.

  • Celebrate diversity
  • Respect the differences
  • Commit to the truth
  • Help each other succeed

The character of our firm is defined by how each individual lives our core values: excellence, results, passion, team work, trust, empathy, mastery and fun.


An uncompromising and obsessive commitment to excellence in everything we do.


Measurable performance improvement and results are the most important attributes of our work while making significant contribution to the Client’s business and its culture.


Passion is the precondition to success.


Team work and collaboration is the engine of the firm


Build trust with everyone


Be empathetic at all times.


Accomplish the extraordinary with grace and humility.


Approach life with a sense of humor.